Bird People A

A group of Bird people, including Bird and his boss

Bird people
are one the two sentient species in the world of Bird and Fish, of which Bird is a member.


Long before the film takes place, the bird people waged war against the fish people, using planes to assist. After the war ended, the Spire was constructed and seperated The Dry and The Watery.

For years, contact between the two was kept to a minimum only-when-necessary point. During the course of a month, the Spire collapsed and contact was resumed.


It is believed that at one point, the bird people had a smilar ability to that of the fish people-an ability to turn their arms into wings and take flight-but lost this power. As a consequence, they turned to constructing airplanes, appearing to have greater skill at aeronautics.

After the war, this knowledge was lost and the planes themselves left to rust in the Junkyard.


As their name suggests, the bird people are mostly human, but with hair-like feathers and quite literally beak-shaped noses. Their job in the film appears to share a connection with the bird they share a similar to. For example, the boy with a water gun appears to be based on a raven due to his squirting of Bird in a rough draft, and Bird's boss appears to be based on a carrier pigeon which are often associated with mail-carrying.


  • Post Master - Bird's boss, who later catches him illegally climbing the Spire
  • Sandra - The secretary of the DCPS
  • Child bird - a kid who squirts Bird in the rough draft of the short. Is later seen cleaning the water gun and looking up at the Watery as it drains, along with his father.
  • Old woman bird - she waves at Bird every morning.
  • Guard bird - oversees the security checkpoint at the Spire's base.
  • Avery  "Bird" Flynn