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 "Do you like airplanes?" - Fish

Fish (full name Skylar Kadinsky) is a titular character in Bird And Fish.

Concept and CreationEdit

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Outward AppearanceEdit

Fish is overall a pale green with blue scales for hair. His eyes are black. He typically wears a brown army army jacket with a circled red star, as well as tan pants and black boots. He also wears a WWII style pilot's cap after recieving it from Bird.


"Energetic, outgoing, and upbeat, Fish is the Watery’s biggest (and perhaps only) airplane aficionado. He’s terribly scatterbrained, lacking focus in every facet of life unrelated to airplanes, and is perceived by his neighbors as a bit of a secluded weirdo. As much as he enjoys his hobbies, he sometimes finds himself wishing for someone to share them with." - Fish's character profile


Not much is known about Fish, aside from his love of planes.

Abilities and skillsEdit

Fish is highly intelligent, able to build a plane from spare parts. Like all his kind, he can turn his hands and lower body into fins and a tail.


  • Avery "Bird" Flynn - friend (possibly boyfriend)


  • Fish appears to have a smoking habit.
  • multiple times in the film, the star  logo on Fish's army jacket dissappears, sometimes even the entire red circle.
  • Fish is possibly based on a flying fish, judging from his obsession with flight.
  • Fish's tumblr blog:

Fish's finned form