Fish people
Fish people
are one of the two dominant species in the world of Bird and Fish, of which Fish is a member.


Long before the film takes place, the fish people and the Bird people were at war. Afterward, the Spire was constructed and seperated the two.

For years afterward, contact was minimal until the events of the film. After the spire's collapse, the two species were seen interacting peacefully.


The fish people are able to transform their hands and lower bodies into fins and a fish tail at will. They also appear to be better at sub-marinal technology than the birds.


As their name suggests, the fish people resemble humans with fish-like traits, such as gills, fins, scales, and the occasional angler lure.

Known membersEdit

  • "punk fish" notable for his mohawk and angler lure. Is later seen relaxing with the bird guard near the Spire ruins.
  • "lady fish" purple, has a fin that is "combed" over to the right side of her head. Is later seen chatting with Sandra.
  • Skylar "Fish" Kadinsky
  • Customs Fish - stamps Bird's clipboard.