• The Spire in the Dry
  • The Orb dividing the two worlds
  • The Spire in the Watery
  • The Spire moments from destruction by Fish's plane
  • The Spire in ruins
The Spire
is the central point of the world of Bird And Fish. It connects The Dry and The Watery.


The spire has two sides-one in the Dry and one in the Watery. The Dry's end resembles a radio tower, and has a security checkpoint at its base. A scissor lift, a group of lockers containing oxygen tubes and masks, and a guard station are all found here.

At the border between the two worlds is a pulsing red orb that manages the gravity between them.

The Watery's Spire is a strange spiraling conical construction that peaks at the orb. It is presumed there is a similar security checkpoint at its base as well.


At the end of The War, the Spire was constructed to keep the Bird people and Fish people separate, as contact between them was minimal.

Some time later during the events of the film, the Spire was destroyed, causing the Watery to drain down into the Dry, and contact was resumed. As of the film's endpoint, the Spire remains in ruins.