The Watery is one of two major settings in Bird And Fish, the other being The Dry.

The watery is an underwater city inhabited by fish people.


Prior to mysteriously dissappearing after the Spire's collapse, the Watery was a large city, surrounded by a flat plain of sand that contains the Watery Spire base.

Notable inhabitantsEdit


Notable LocationsEdit

  • Spire - the opposite side of the Dry's spire, it is unknown how Bird returns to the Dry.
  • Fish's Apartment
  • Hanger - where Fish stored his plane while it was under construction.
  • Customs Located somewhere on the outskirts of the city, it is one of the few places in the Watery filled with breathable air.


  • There are a few theories as to how the Watery simply vanishes after the Spire's destruction. One such theory is that the Watery was designed to dissolve instantly if the Spire is somehow deactivated.
  • In order to allow light to pass through to the Dry, the Watery must be slightly translucent when viewed from the Dry, in order to allow liht to pass through, bounce off the Dry and give daylight to the Watery.